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Come Clean from a Bath That’s Green

Come Clean from a Bath That’s Green

Your bathroom may not be the first place you think of to make a positive impact on the environment…but maybe you should. You can make a significant difference especially when planning a bathroom remodel. So where do you begin? By making smart material choices and using creative conservation design elements, you can take pride in having a fashionable, eco-friendly bathroom with surprisingly little effort.

Start at the Surface

Image of the Level Chrome one-handle low arc bathroon faucet

Bathroom designs that really stand out often do so thanks to the use of unexpected countertop and flooring materials. For example, recycled glass tiles are ultra-decorative, inexpensive and help to reduce waste. Consider revamping your bathroom with a new Vetrazzocountertop. Made from 80-90% recycled glass, this newcomer to the bathroom countertop scene features varied colors and patterns and makes a smart alternative to granite.

If you love the look of wood flooring but want to incorporate a more environmentally sound option, use bamboo flooring. In nature, bamboo can thrive in a variety of climate zones, and has the potential for rapid growth, making it much more sustainable than traditional wood alternatives. Another out-of-the-ordinary flooring option is recycled school chalkboards. Most are available in a square or rectangle shape, and dry easily, making them ideal for bathrooms.

Waste Paper Be Gone

It’s easy to fashion your bathroom in ways that let you be continuously responsible to the environment, day after day. Why not eliminate the need for paper towels by making a rolling hand towel? Just sew the ends of two decorative linen towels together and hang it on a Moen pivoting paper holder.

Spare our Landfills

Avoid buying another non-biodegradable, plastic shower curtain by constructing a terry-cloth bath towel curtain from your gently used towels. Bath sheets are the perfect length for a shower curtain, so you’ll have minimum assembly. To get started, stitch the towels together at the seams. Then use grommets and shower hooks to attach the fabric to your shower rod. In a flash you’ll have a unique and inexpensive curtain that is also a cinch to clean and reuse.

Less Down the Drain

A great way to conserve water is by installing stylish and eco-friendly faucets in your bathroom. Available in a variety of finishes,Moen’s eco-performance Caldwell™ faucet is a member of the Spot Resist™ family, 犀利士
which reduces visible water spots and fingerprints. That means you’ll do less cleaning, so less household cleaner will go down the drain.

Take your water conservation efforts to the next level by monitoring your water use. Suggestions include turning off the faucet when brushing your teeth, using food color in your toilet tank as a leak indicator (if the food color seeps into the toilet bowl without flushing, it indicates your toilet tank is leaky) and taking a shower instead of a bath.

Interested in learning exactly how your water conservation efforts can help the planet? Discover what your current water footprint is with the help of National Geographic’s Water Footprint Calculator. There, you can find out new ways to maintain and even enhance your water conservation efforts.

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