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 This page contains information for Citizens and Residents of all Nations and Countries of the World: Foreign National, Non-U.S. Citizen, Foreigner, International, Global, and Alien Buyers and Sellers who want to Purchase, Buy, Own, Sell, or List for Sale real estate property in the United States of America (USA).

We DON’T make loans and are NOT a private lender, mortgage loan originator, or a bank.

SRQ International Realty, LLC. Is a License Real Estate Company that assists persons and organizations with finding properties, Purchases (Buying), and Sales (Selling) Transactions.

SRQ International Realty recognizes that some borrowers will not meet U.S. residency requirements. The foreign national mortgage programs are designed to fit the needs of foreign national customers. Permanent resident aliens and nonpermanent resident alien immigrants are eligible under the foreign national mortgage programs to take advantage of the same mortgage products as U.S. citizens on most loans that the lender’s finance. Foreign Nationals without U.S. residency may take advantage of select program offerings. U.S. citizens living abroad may also take advantage of the foreign national mortgage program.

Our agent’s works and has vested experience with some lender, we can referral with some of them, please if you are interesting please fill the form bellow, or call for more information at 941-366-0106.

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